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He Who Drowned the World Signed First Edition

the epic sequel to the Sunday Times bestselling historical fantasy She Who Became the Sun

Shelley Parker-Chan author


Publisher:Pan Macmillan

Published:24th Aug '23


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He Who Drowned the World cover

Mulan meets The Song of Achilles in He Who Drowned the World by Shelley Parker-Chan - an epic queer historical fantasy of war and destiny set in an epic alternate China, and sequel to Sunday Times bestselling She Who Became the Sun.

What would you give to win the world?

Zhu Yuanzhang, the Radiant King, is riding high after her victory – one that tore southern China from its Mongol masters. Now she burns with a new desire: to seize the throne and crown herself emperor.

However, Zhu isn’t the only one with imperial aspirations. Courtesan Madam Zhang plots to steal the throne for her husband. But scorned scholar Wang Baoxiang is even closer to the throne. He’s maneuverered his way to the capital, where his courtly games threaten to bring the empire to its knees. For Baoxiang also desires revenge: to become the most degenerate Great Khan in history. In the process, he’d make a mockery of the warrior values his Mongol family loved more than him.

To stay in the game, Zhu must gamble everything on one bold move. A risky alliance with an old enemy: Ouyang, the brilliant but unstable eunuch general. All contenders will do whatever it takes to win. But when desire has no end, and ambition no limits, could the price be too high for even the most ruthless heart to bear?

Praise for She Who Became the Sun:

‘As brilliant as Circe . . . a deft and dazzling triumph’ Tasha Suri, author of The Jasmine Throne

'Magnificent in every way. War, desire, vengeance, politics – Shelley Parker-Chan has perfectly measured each ingredient' – Samantha Shannon, author of The Priory of the Orange Tree

He Who Drowned the World blew me out of the water. Deep, dark and peopled with deliciously complex characters, this book will draw you irresistibly into a world of tragedy and triumph. Shelley Parker-Chan is a genius -- Jen Williams, author of Talonsister
A powerful historical fantasy filled with complex people and high stakes. . . . Paying equal attention to fierce battle scenes and deep conversations and filled with desperate decisions and brutal actions, this book is immersive and intimate -- Library Journal, starred review
A heart-racing, emotional story that is also heartrending and shocking . . . The conclusion of the Radiant Emperor duology makes use of every last word and stamps this series onto the map as a new must-read of the fantasy canon -- Booklist, starred review
Parker-Chan unrolls the painted scroll of her epic tale with the control of a master storyteller, revealing a dazzling new world of fate, war, love and betrayal. Fantasy will never be the same -- Zen Cho, author of Sorcerer to the Crown, on She Who Became the Sun
She Who Became the Sun is epic, tragic and gorgeous. It will wreck you, and you will be grateful -- Alix E. Harrow, author of Starling House, on She Who Became the Sun
Magnificent in every way -- Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season, on She Who Became the Sun

ISBN: 9781529043433-SF

Dimensions: 242mm x 164mm x 46mm

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496 pages