A Journey Into the Psychology of Belonging

Michael Bond author


Publisher:Pan Macmillan

Published:11th May '23


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Fans cover

From the acclaimed science writer and author of Wayfinding, a journey into the world of superfans and an exploration of the psychology of fandom.

Fans takes the reader on a journey through a constellation of fandoms, and along the way demonstrates some fundamental truths about the human condition.

Part behavioural study, part entertainment, at its heart, Fans is a story of collectives, of what happens to us when we interact with people who share our passions. The human brain is wired to reach out, and while our groupish tendencies can bring much strife (religious intolerance, racism, war, etc.), they are also the source of some of our greatest satisfactions.

Fandoms offer much of the pleasure of tribalism with little of the harm: a feeling of belonging and of shared culture, a sense of meaning and purpose, improved mental well-being, reassurance that our most outlandish convictions will be taken seriously, and the freedom to try to emulate (and dress like) our hero.

In Fans, Michael Bond explores the subject through the lens of social identity theory, a set of ideas used by social psychologists and anthropologists to understand how people behave in groups and why groups have such a profound effect on human culture.

Highly enjoyable * Independent *
An entertaining guide to the psychology of belonging * The Times *
A celebration of human idiosyncracy and of our talent for building shared meaning and solidarity out of the strangest material * TLS *
A fascinating insight into why people come together in pursuit of something they love and the very real benefits it can bring to our lives * i-D *
Bond's research is extensive, informative, engagingly presented and his topic timely. * Financial Times *

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