The Book of Legends

A hilarious and fast-paced quest adventure from bestselling comedian Lenny Henry

Lenny Henry author Keenon Ferrell illustrator


Publisher:Pan Macmillan

Published:2nd Mar '23


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The Book of Legends cover

Perfect for fans of fast-paced adventures, The Book of Legends, from comedian Lenny Henry is a laugh-out-loud magical story for 8-12 year olds, illustrated throughout by the incredibly talented Keenon Ferrell.

Twins, Bran and Fran, are two ordinary kids who are about to go on an extraordinary adventure! When their mum mysteriously disappears in a lightning strike, just like their dad, the twins are all alone and know they have to stick together – if only to face their new guardian’s terrible cooking! But when their mum’s treasured storybook turns out to be a portal to another world full of mythical legends, everything changes.

Suddenly, evil princes, mud monsters and Viking armies are all very real and out to get them. Luckily, the twins have Wilma, the Wizard's Wife, and Zachary, a wisecracking Zebracorn, to help them solve the mystery surrounding their parents’ disappearance.

Quests are no joke (but there are lots of jokes in this book) and this is the quest of a lifetime . . .

The Book of Legends is a much-needed book about friendship, family and imagination. It truly is an effortlessly witty delight that transports readers to a different world. -- Tennille Rolingson * Jericho Prize *
[A] celebration of the vitality of storytelling, The Book of Legends made me laugh, made me teary, left me happy and hopeful. -- Sanjeev Bhaskar, actor and comedian
[M]y nine-year-old daughter loved The Book of Legends so much that she stayed up for hours in bed with it, palely turning the pages long after she would normally have fallen asleep -- Tom Lamont * The Guardian *
With its wonderful evocation of a magical other-world and the warm-hearted dynamics of family love and friendship, this high-octane adventure will have youngsters giggling, gasping and guffawing from first page to last. -- Pam Norfolk * Lancashire Post *
Always looking for genuinely laugh out loud funny books and [The Boy with Wings] 100% delivered. THANK YOU. -- Louie Stowell, bestselling author of Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good on The Boy With Wings
This book is as laugh-out-loud funny as you’d expect, but it’s also packed with super-charged thrills, characters you really care about and a whole lot of heart. I think The Boy With Wings is the start of something really special. -- Bestselling author and illustrator Nadia Shireen on The Boy With Wings
Henry's first book for children is as funny as might be expected but it's also quietly thoughtful and poignant, examining ideas of heritage, family, love and belonging in a way that lifts the Chosen One troupe out of the territory of cliché. -- Books for Keeps on The Boy With Wings

ISBN: 9781529067873

Dimensions: 197mm x 129mm x 18mm

Weight: 196g

224 pages