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Publisher:Walker Books Ltd

Published:1st Feb '24


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Feather cover

The Twitchers have one last mystery to solve – and this time it's a heist! The final unputdownable adventure in the bestselling birdwatching detective series from the internationally acclaimed author of Beetle Boy and Adventures on Trains, wildlife queen M.G. Leonard.

On a school trip to the Royal Swan Natural History Museum, Ava finds herself at the centre of a heist: hundreds of invaluable bird of paradise skins from the Alfred Wallace Collection have been stolen! When she discovers a large jet-black feather, she's sure it's a clue, but the police won't listen to her. Slipping away, she takes the case to the Twitchers in an investigation that leads them to the bizarre and sinister world of fly-fishing, and to a mysterious girl with a pet Raven called Caliban and a dangerous ring of thieves and smugglers...

Feather is an exciting winter mystery adventure about friendship, bravery and protecting nature, perfect for readers 9+ and for fans of Robin Stevens, Lauren St John and Jenny Pearson. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone adventure or read as part of The Twitchers series.

Praise for The Twitchers:

“Leonard knows her audience and the jeopardy comes in flocks ... Find your nest, curl up and enjoy.” The Times, Children's Book of the Week on Twitch

"A twist-laden, thriller-like tale of a bird-mad boy, some bullies and an escaped convict hiding in the nearby woods." Observer on Twitch

"A skilfully crafted mystery adventure. A clarion call for environmentalists everywhere." Rob Biddulph, LoveReading4Kids on Spark

"A twisty crime drama as well as a persuasive story about friendship and nature." Sunday Times on Twitch

"Simply genius." BBC Wildlife Magazine on Twitch

"Another pacy wonderful adventure steeped in the magic of nature and friendship.” Jasbinder Bilan on Spark

“Leonard has crafted an intelligent mystery from unlikely material, with bonus bird facts.” Irish Times on Twitch

“A winged masterpiece.” Maz Evans on Twitch

“Enthralling from beginning to end, it really touched my young bird-loving heart! Just wonderful!” Dara McAnulty on Twitch

Twitch is an absolute triumph. The perfect blend of mystery and adventure, a winning hero with an eye for ornithological facts and a heart as big as the...

"I nestled down to read this and ended up reading 2/3 in one sitting and the rest later the same day, so compelling were the exploits of the fledgling detectives. ‘Feather’ hits the ground running and the pace never lets up… I love the way MG Leonard writes: she respects her young readers allowing so much to be shown and not told. * NetGalley Reviewer *
The last installment in the Twitch series is a real treat with a lot of plot twists. The writing is as beautifully done as the previous books in the series. It has a fast-paced beginning that grips you right from the start. * NetGalley Reviewer *
This series is so refreshing – championing the environment and inspiring children to go outdoors and explore. There is an incredible level of detail when it comes to descriptions of bird species, the history of famous scientists like Darwin and Wallace, as well as a heart-stopping mystery... True to form, the Queen of Middle Grade Mystery, M.G. Leornard takes readers through all the elements great detectives need to consider: clues, leads, motives, suspects and the very real danger that comes with confronting a criminal. * Scope for Imagination *
Inspired by a true crime podcast called 'The Feather Heist', this book gets a wholehearted 5 stars from us and we recommend this, and the other three in the series for children age 9-12. * NetGalley Reviewer *
I think this is my favourite book out of the series. * NetGalley Reviewer *

ISBN: 9781529506112

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320 pages