Every Gift a Curse

Caroline O’Donoghue author Stefanie Caponi illustrator

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

Published: 2nd Feb '23



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A spellbinding supernatural teen drama and final book in the Gifts series from a New York Times bestselling author.

With the return of the Housekeeper on the cards, Maeve must find out everything she can about the vengeful tarot spirit in order to finally defeat her. Crossing over into a parallel dimension inside the old school building, she explores the history of the Housekeeper – and spends too long in a world and a mind not her own.

With the Children of Brigid closing in once more, and Maeve's friend group now fractured across Ireland, can they hope to ultimately save the town – and Maeve – from the grip of a power greater than they ever imagined?

Caroline O’Donoghue is a brilliant writer, and each book in the Gifts trilogy gets better and better. She makes magic feel real, and perfectly captures the angst and yearning and joy of teenage years. A sensational finish to a spectacular series. -- Katherine Webber
Featured in the Bookseller's February 2023 Previews. * The Bookseller *
One to pick up if you love books that feel like going home, if you love tarot, if you love friendship. * NetGalley Reviewer *
Such a joy from start to finish. A perfect ending to the series. * NetGalley Reviewer *
O'Donoghue's Gifts series are maybe my favourite YA novels ever - and I've read a lot. At turns hilarious, tragic, wise and magical, the story of Maeve, Lily, Roe and Fiona ends in "Every Gift A Curse" and my god, do they go out with a bang. * NetGalley Reviewer *

ISBN: 9781529507973

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 25mm

Weight: 287g

416 pages