The Art of Peace

Sir David Khalili author


Publisher:Ebury Publishing

Published:2nd Nov '23


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The Art of Peace cover

In 1967, Sir David Khalili finished his military service in Iran and travelled to study in the United States with $750 - his remaining royalties from a book he wrote when he was just 14. Over the course of the next five decades he single-handedly, piece by piece, assembled eight of the finest art collections in their field, ultimately becoming one of the world's greatest collectors, about whom Queen Elizabeth II once said: 'It is scary how much this gentleman knows about art.'

For the first time, Sir David shares his extraordinary journey: one that has taken him through the souks of North Africa, the auction houses of Europe and the United States, the bazaars of South Asia, and far beyond. Through a riveting collection of real-life adventures, he reveals his collecting strategy, business ethics and what motivates him to continuously collect, conserve, research, publish and exhibit the treasures in his collections.

Through his story, Sir David questions how the undeniable power of art can be harnessed to foster greater peace and unity worldwide. No one is better placed to enlighten us.

A compelling account of the making — and the maker — of an outstanding collection, which has been shared, admired and enjoyed around the world -- Neil MacGregor, author of A History of the World in 100 Objects
He has, in one person the great wisdom of three religious leaders: a Chief Rabbi a Cardinal and Grand Mufti -- Pope Benedict XVI
This book, just like David’s life, is the embodiment of cultural diversity and interfaith harmony -- RH Patricia Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Nations
A man who works for dialogue and peace -- Francois Hollande, former President of France

ISBN: 9781529918182

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