A Silenced Voice

The Life of Journalist Kim Wall

Ingrid Wall author Joachim Wall author Kathy Saranpa translator

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Amazon Publishing

Published: 7th Jul '20



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A moving memoir of an inexplicable crime, a family’s loss, and a legacy preserved. Kim Wall was a thirty-year-old Swedish freelance journalist with a rising career. Then, in the summer of 2017, she followed a story that led to an eccentric inventor in Copenhagen. Instead of writing the next day’s headline, she’d become one. As the bizarre events of Kim’s murder unfolded, the world watched in shocked disbelief. For Kim’s distraught parents, Ingrid and Joachim, it was a devastating personal struggle. In the ensuing months, day by grueling day, they had to come to terms with their loss, process the global media attention, and endure the investigation and trial. In the end, they’d make certain that Kim would be seen not only as a victim but as a bright, funny, complicated, ethical, and selfless young woman—a loved and loving daughter, sister, fiancée, colleague, and friend. Kim Wall’s life and promise may have been cut short, but everything she stood for lives on in this emotional memoir of braving the worst of days, moving forward, and never forgetting.

“[Kim] packed a lifetime’s worth of experience into her 30 years…A tragically short life that will hopefully serve as inspiration.” —Kirkus Reviews “In this tender memoir, the parents of Swedish journalist Kim Wall recount their daughter’s exceptional life and her murder…The authors recall their anguish and pain during the year following their daughter’s death, but also celebrate her life and share their mission to develop a memorial fund to provide young female reporters with support for their work. This is a passionate portrait of a woman’s meaningful life and her contributions to journalism.” —Publishers Weekly “A Silenced Voice is a tapestry of past and present, at once a joyful chronicling of a life well lived and a family’s reckoning with that life being extinguished.” —Marie Claire “In a powerful memoir, Wall’s parents share how they navigated their grief in the aftermath of their daughter’s horrific death and the investigation and trial that followed. Though their subject matter is unthinkably sad, Ingrid and Joachim Wall focus on Kim and the life she led, sharing stories of her passions and ambitions as a journalist, partner and friend.” —TIME “Journalism grants a kind of license to curiosity, legitimizes it, gives it a professional guise…Kim used it to get herself around the world, to report from Cuba, Uganda, and North Korea. But her story also shows how tenuous, how fragile that feeling of permission can be…A Silenced Voice, translated from Swedish by Kathy Saranpa, is about everything else Kim was…If the law represents one form of justice, one of the promises of journalism is to enact another: doing justice to the people you write about, justice to the things they care about, justice to the person behind the story. A Silenced Voice is an exercise in that pained, loving, generous justice. It insists that the story of Kim’s murder include the details only parents remember: childhood ceramics projects, her favorite type of pen, the kinds of presents she brought her family home from travels around the world…The Walls are working to make sure that Kim Wall’s name will not be a warning, but a tag under ambitious investigative pieces, a line on resumes, a ticket, a calling card. Through it all you can see how desperately important it is for them, like it was for her, to get the story right.” —NPR.org “In their jointly written and heart-breaking memoir, Ingrid and Joachim Wall, the parents of murdered Swedish journalist Kim Wall, remember the trauma of their loss and honor the memory of their daughter. A delicate, brave, and beautiful rendering of unimaginable grief.” —CrimeReads

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272 pages