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Gregory Crewdson: Alone Street

Gregory Crewdson illustrator Joyce Carol Oates editor



Published:18th Nov '21


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Gregory Crewdson: Alone Street cover

Alone Street brings together two major bodies of work by Gregory Crewdson, Cathedral of the Pines (Aperture, 2016) and An Eclipse of Moths (Aperture, 2020), in a single, elegant, and affordable monograph. Both series expand on the artist’s obsessive exploration of the psychogeography of small-town, post-industrial New England and underscore the precision and depth of Crewdson’s unique mode of photographic storytelling. In each image, light, color, and carefully crafted scenography evoke the feeling that, as art historian Alexander Nemerov has astutely described, “all that ever happened in these places seems crystallized in his tableaux, as if the quiet melancholy of Crewdson’s scenes gathered the unruly sorrows and other little-guessed feelings of people long-gone who once stood on those spots.” In addition to the full set of images from each series, Alone Street, presents a selection of behind-the-scenes images and storyboards, revealing the extensive preparation and planning that went into the making of each work.

  • Winner of Skowhegan Medal for Photography 2004 (United States)
  • Winner of Aaron Siskind Fellowship 1991
  • Winner of Visual Artists Fellowship 1992

ISBN: 9781597115131

Dimensions: unknown

Weight: 1360g

180 pages