Street Coder

Sedat Kapanoglu author


Publisher:Manning Publications

Published:14th Mar '22


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Street Coder cover

Software development isn't an "ivory tower" exercise.Street coders get the job done by prioritizing tasks, making quick decisions, and knowing which rules to break.

Street Coder: Rules to break and how to break themis a programmer's survival guide, full of tips, tricks, and hacks that will make you a more efficient programmer. This book's rebel mindset challenges status quo thinking and exposes the important skills you need on the job. You'll learnthe crucial importance of algorithms and data structures, turn programming chores into programming pleasures, and shatter dogmatic principles keeping you from your full potential.

Every new coder starts out with a lot of theory; the "streetsmarts" come with experience. To be successful, you need to know how toput theory into action, understand why "best practices" are the best, and know when to go rogue and break the unbreakable rules.

“An incredible book to learn the craft of software development through a new perspective: One thatis not fuelled by religion or blind following of best practices, but one that actively challenges best practices and thus requires you to think about their prosand cons.!” Sebastian Felling

“This is like having a mentor in a book who is sharing all their mistakes and notes on what they've learned in a nice little package.“ Joseph Perenia

“A fun, broad, anddeep conversation with an experienced programmer about coding, packed withpractical advice.”  Adail Retamal

“I wish I couldread this book several years ago, thus, I could have saved a lot of time.” XuYang

“Contains the pragmatism an experienced software developer has gained over the years of being at the trenches (or streets as he prefers to call it).” Orlando MéndezMorales

“Great book for thenew and used, self-taught, formally educated, and otherwise curious programmers doing dirt -aka street coders.” Robert Wilk

ISBN: 9781617298370

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255 pages