Python Tools For Scientists

An Introduction to Using Anaconda, JupyterLab, and Python's Scientific Libraries

Lee Vaughan author


Publisher:No Starch Press,US

Published:17th Jan '23


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Python Tools For Scientists cover

Doing Science With Python introduces readers to the most popular coding tools for scientific research, such as Anaconda, Spyder, Jupyter Notebooks, and JupyterLab, as well as dozens of important Python libraries for working with data, including NumPy, matplotlib, and pandas. No prior programming experience is required! You'll be guided through setting up a professional coding environment, then get a crash course on programming with Python, and explore the many tools and libraries ideal for working with data, designing visualisations, simulating natural events, and more.

"Python Tools for Scientists helps people get up and running in Python so that they can start solving their problems right away instead of being daunted by the dizzying array of tools available in the ecosystem. I wish something like this had been available when I first picked up Python as a scientist!"
—James Bednar, Director of Custom Services, Anaconda, Inc.

“Python has a wealth of scientific computing tools, so how do you decide which ones are right for you? This book cuts through the noise to help you deliver results."
—Serdar Yegulalp, InfoWorld

"The book [Python Tools for Scientists] by Lee Vaughan is a critical resource for anyone that is new to Python programming and intends to become a Python expert. It covers all of the critical topics in an easily understandable format and it goes deep enough to be helpful in navigating advanced topics. The book is also true to current Software Engineering standards and gives even new developers the tools to jump start their Python career."
—Dr. Alec Yasinsac, Department of Computer Science, University of South Alabama

"I wish there was a book like this when I started learning Python... [Python Tools for Scientists] is a practical, detailed, hands-on introduction to setting up a local Python workspace and getting started with the basics of Python programming. It was written for scientists, by a scientist who knows what the typical problems are when scientists and engineers start using Python tools in their everyday work. It also introduces the wide variety of packages that can be used in scientific programming and provides guidelines on when to use them. Matplotlib, numpy, and pandas are covered in much more detail - as they should be. The writing and the organization of the material are clear and easy to follow. I have been using Python for many years, but I know I will be using this book both in teaching and research."
—Zoltán Sylvester, Senior Research Scientist, University of Texas at Austin

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