The Case of the Lighthouse Intruder

Kereen Getten author Leah Jacobs-Gordon illustrator


Publisher:Pushkin Children's Books

Published:1st Jun '23


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The Case of the Lighthouse Intruder cover

Fayson has always wanted to be a detective. When her cousins recruit her to their top-secret gang on the island one summer, her dreams seem to be coming true. But the Greatest Gang of All Time don't live up to their name, and keep getting distracted from missions by things like food, falling asleep and a fair bit of squabbling! Guided by her favourite mystery novels, Fayson takes charge and tries to track down clues about the strange shadow that has been appearing in the island's lighthouse. With tensions stirring within the gang, can she use all her smarts to solve the case?

'I adored The Case Of The Lighthouse Intruder. A spirited and brilliantly written mystery set on an island off the coast of Jamaica. The first book in a fabulous new series featuring #TheGreatestGangOfAllTime. This is a great read.' - Kevin Cobane (Teacher)

'Absolutely excellent! A short mystery, but with fully realised characters in a well drawn landscape, keeps your attention right to the last page. Large font, and I suspect a short word count makes this perfect for that 8 year old reader ready for mystery, but not ready for murder. Because it's set on an island, the characters are able to roam free, the parents are well out of the way and it feels pleasingly realistic. As with her other books, Getten writes in such a sensory manner the world of the island comes alive, and it's a joy to read.The peril is more to do with friendship than criminal gangs, as indeed is the mystery. Will be really interested to see how this series progresses.Perfect for fans of Blyton, or Jo Clarke or Sarah Todd Taylor. Read aloud to 7 +' - Fleur Hitchcock, Bookseller

ISBN: 9781782693901

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224 pages