I Really Want the Cake

Simon Philip author Lucia Gaggiotti illustrator


Publisher:Templar Publishing

Published:10th Aug '17


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I Really Want the Cake cover

In this energetic picture book, a little girl tries to resist an amazing cake.

There's a smell I can't ignore.
It's wafting through the kitchen door.
It's time for me to find out more.
I think it might be cake.

How do you resist the most amazing cake ever? Especially when your mum has left a note saying that you MUST NOT eat the cake?

This wonderful rhyming text from Simon Philip, author of You Must Bring a Hat, is illustrated with huge energy and humour by Lucia Gaggiotti.

I Really Want The Cake written by Simon Phillip is a giggly, scrumptious read that is filled with sketchy, fun, appealing illustrations by Lucia Gaggiotti.
This fantastic read was first published in the summer of 2017 and has recently been shortlisted for Waterstone's Children's Book Prize 2018.
I quite enjoy a slice of chocolate cake. Team it up with a steaming hot cup of tea and I'm one happy lady, but the little girl in this story seems to have a larger appetite then me and the smell in her home is alerting all her senses.
There are no introductions to the name of the girl in this story, she begins a conversation with you instantly and she talks through her thoughts with fellow readers. Her senses have been tickled by a smell, hers and her pet dog, and she must investigate!
The familiar setting, a home, and the cool palette makes this such an inviting start to the book. The girls stunned facial expression and the floating stars representing the smell in question just urge you to turn the page and read on.
Much to her delight the smell is indeed that of a deliciously looking multi layered chocolate delight, but as much as she wants to enjoy this cake it's not for her, in fact a note has been left that clearly states for it not to be touched.
Can she resist the temptation?
Well the short and sweet answer is, No! She attempts to distract herself but all fails and before you know it a lick of the cake has tuned into her demolishing the whole cake!
A young girl who has allowed young readers to listen to her thoughts has done wrong. She's broken the rules and has all young readers guessing "What next?"
The girl knows she's done wrong and she isn't about to lie about what she's done, nor is she going to try and conceal the evidence, she's going to quite simply bake another cake because it's not that tricky, is it?
Well, I admire the girl in realising that she had done wrong and her attempt in making things better by doing a spot of baking, or in this case baking and making a big mess. She was true to her word and did indeed make a cake, much to Little One's (my 3 year old) amusement, a cake that was sitting on a frying pan.
Simon Phillip and Lucia Gaggiotti have done an amazing job, truly. My 1 year old is completely immersed in this story each time we read it. My 3 year old too, obviously more mature, finds the girls breaking of the rules gasp worthy but she is soon giggling again when she spots each time an aubergine on the cake preparation table.
Filled with short, punchy rhyming text and playful pages experimenting with font size, this is a brilliant, giddy read aloud. The illustrations are comical and those facial expressions depict the girls feelings and thoughts so well. You'll also be pleased to know that if you found the cake featured in the book drool worthy, there is a recipe at the end of the book. Perfect!

We loved this book and couldn't refrain from joining in celebrating the books recent nomination for Waterstone's Children's Book Prize 2018. #Ireallywantthecakeoff. Here is our bake with no aubergine in sight.

* Mama Filza *

I Really Want the Cake by Simon Philip and Lucia Gaggiotti, published by Templar Books is a delicious picture book all about the love of cake which has been nominated for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2018.
Some of us are fine tuned to sniff out that homely smell of a cake baking and the little girl in this story is no exception. As soon as the unmistakable scent starts drifting through the house her nose starts twitching, and one peek into the kitchen confirms her suspicions. There on the table is a huge, gooey, chocolate cake.
However, just as she brandishes her spoon for a bite of that sweet treat she notices it comes with an unwanted side dish in the shape of a note from her mum telling her: "YOU MUST NOT EAT THE CAKE". This. Is. Torture. She tries everything in her power to forget about the cake but the craving is just too strong...
One nibble, turns to a bite and before you know it, the cake is gone. Instantly feeling guilty and with the help of her little dog she sets about making a very messy amends.
Wild and vibrant illustrations match the little girls impulsive character perfectly and we love the wide range of expressive emotions she goes through. A fast-paced and funny read that is sure to delight young readers who will no doubt sympathise with her predicament.

* Acorn Books *

I Really Want the Cake is a delight - pure joy from start to finish. The rhyming verse with its cake refrain is great fun to read aloud and I can vouch that it stands up to repeated readings (my son always asks to hear the book at least twice on the bounce).
The story is one of temptation. Mom has made a magnificent chocolate cake and then gone out, leaving her daughter strict instructions: she must not eat the cake. This is too much for the little girl and her pet dog to bear. They try hard to resist. They leave the kitchen and employ all sorts of distraction techniques but the lure of the chocolate cake is too strong.
I absolutely love Lucia Gaggiotti's illustrations; they are so full of energy and humour and really bring the story alive. She has given us a wonderfully expressive main character with many different guises. One minute she's dancing as she smells chocolate cake wafting from the kitchen, the next she's a gun-slinging Wild West hero (the gun in her holster replaced with a fork and spoon). She is also a Chinese warrior, explorer and superhero.
This is a funny, highly entertaining picture book. Grab yourself a copy - you're in for a treat.

* Get Kids Into Boo

ISBN: 9781783708017

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40 pages