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Move Like Water Signed Bookplate Edition

A Story of the Sea and Its Creatures

Hannah Stowe author


Publisher:Granta Books

Published:6th Jun '24


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Move Like Water cover

From a young marine biologist, sailor and artist, here is a beguiling and beautiful book about our human relationship with the sea and the creatures who inhabit it.

The seas cover over two thirds of our planet and yet most of us live our lives on land, creatures of a different element, at once fascinated and terrified by the beauty and power of these great bodies of water. There are some, though, who go to sea, who get to know its many moods -- the tranquil and mirror-like, the raging and ripple-swept -- and who bring back with them their stories of wonder and warning. Hannah Stowe is one such sea-goer and one such storyteller. Having been raised at the tide's edge on the Pembrokeshire coast, falling asleep to the sweep of the lighthouse beam, Hannah Stowe went to see straight after school and has worked on and studied the sea in depth. Drawing on her expertise as a marine biologist and sailor, and her experiences in the North Sea, the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the North Sea, the Celtic Sea, and the Caribbean, Move Like Water is an exploration of the human relationship with the sea, the powerful impression it has made on our culture, and the terrible damage we have inflicted upon its ecosystems. In shimmering, fluid prose, Stowe introduces us to six keystone marine creatures - the firecrow, sperm whale, the albatross, he humpback whale, the shearwater, and the barnacle - encouraging us to fall in love with the seas as she has, to appreciate their majesty and their vulnerability. This is a heartfelt hymn to the sea and an unforgettable introduction to one of the most gifted nature writers of the new generation.

Elegant, enthralling... There are plenty of books about the sea, but few, if any, have the lyrical, almost visceral intensity of this one... Stowe's shimmering prose - and her exquisite line drawings - make us feel the majesty of the sea and its creatures. It also reveals their terrifying vulnerability * Daily Mail *
Above all a sensuous book, more felt than described, more described than explained, more painted than penned: part memoir, part journal and - with each chapter named for a creature the author encountered either in real life or in dreams - part natural mystery tour * New York Times Book Review *
A haunting evocation of [the sea's] power and beauty, and an exploration of its wildlife... [Stowe's] prose is beautiful, conjuring the storybook setting of her upbringing, the salt spray of the sea and the wonder of travelling alongside whales and sea birds while also imparting scientific knowledge * Western Mail *
A briny love story... Stowe wistfully explores the mysteries of water as she navigates the sometimes turbulent, often rousing flow of her life * Booklist *
Stirring... Fascinating... Unforgettable... Stowe immerses readers in the sights, sounds, and rhythms of the ocean in her spellbinding debut -- Starred review * Publishers Weekly *
Exquisite in its intelligence and boundless in the fetch of its wave -- Jay Griffiths
The shelves are awash with sea books. But Stowe is different. She doesn't just watch and describe the sea; she's part of it. It surges inside her and crashes out onto the page. The book's drenched with salt water. It fizzes, clicks, booms and screams. Tremendous -- Charles Foster, author of Cry of the Wild and A Little Brown Sea
Inspiring... Hannah Stowe recounts her lifelong love affair with the sea and illuminates the complexities of our relationship with ocean ecosystems... An urgent call to address the damage we're doing to the oceans, and a siren song to the beauty and power of the sea -- Lulah Ellender, author of Grounding
Let Hannah's captivating prose transport you on a journey across the waves, feeling the wind and salt on your skin, and always watching out for the tantalising glimpse of a whale. You will be enthralled by her personal story, invigorated by her energy and determination, and persuaded to think deeply about the ocean, its living treasures and the human troubles they face -- Dr Helen Scales, author of The Brilliant Abyss and Scientists in the Wild: Galápagos
This is [Stowe's] personal, poetic and heartfelt story, sharing the lessons the sea has taught her * BBC Wildlife magazine *
A gem of a book - a must-read for anyone interested in the sea or marine life, and highly recommended for those who enjoy top-notch memoirs. Stowe's exquisite prose makes this a book to be savored * Bookbrowse *
This is Stowe's love letter to the sea -- Best Nonfiction Book of September * Book Riot *
Beautifully evocative, Stowe's memoir captures the emotional and physical pull of open waters in a visceral and compelling way. A book that can be read on many levels- memoir, a natural history guide, a call to care-with it's strength in the intersection of all. If you love oceans, women explorers and artists, or just a book to challenge your mind and soul, this one is for you * Southern Bookseller *
Not only do readers get to spend time sailing the North Sea, North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Celtic Sea, and the Caribbean in this memoir, but they are led by the rhythmic prose of a deeply invested and poetic marine biologist. Great for people who love marine animals too! -- Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2023 * Independent Book Review *

ISBN: 9781783788606-SB

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