The NHS: Things That Need to be Said

Iain Dale author


Publisher:Elliott & Thompson Limited

Published:12th Feb '15

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The NHS: Things That Need to be Said cover

* Iain Dale is a highly respected and well-connected political commentator.; * This book takes a rational, considered but controversial approach to an issue that never fails to generate coverage.; * Recently launched nationwide, LBC is growing as a brand - it was especially visible in the debates on Europe between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage.; * The station has a fanatical listener base in London, and is now filling a gap in the national market for topical talk radio.; * Series of seven polemics will receive huge marketing support from LBC, with a major on-air and online advertising campaign, and will attract widespread media attention and comment.

It's time to have a grown-up debate on one of the most emotive topics in British politics: the NHS.The NHS is an institution close to the hearts of most Britons. People even profess to 'love it'. But it is now of pensionable age and, some would say, no longer fit for purpose. It isn't possible to reform the NHS until we accept that it cannot meet every demand made of it. We need to embrace the private sector rather than belittle or restrict it. This book does not seek to denigrate or dismantle the NHS, but to identify the issues that need to be addressed head on, whichever party is in power. It will make uncomfortable reading for some. Putting patient care and outcomes at the top of his personal manifesto for the NHS, Iain Dale slams the indecision and political dogma of successive health secretaries, but is firmly of the view that with GBP120 billion being spent on the NHS, it's impossible to take politics out of it. This is a must read for anyone who works in the NHS - or who uses it. It's time to say the things that need to be said.

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