The Sky at Night: The Art of Stargazing

My Essential Guide to Navigating the Night Sky

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock author


Publisher:Ebury Publishing

Published:2nd Nov '23


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The Sky at Night: The Art of Stargazing cover

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The Art of Stargazingis the ultimate insider's guide to the night sky in which award-winning space scientist and The Sky at Night presenter Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock shares her expertise and unique insights into the marvellous world of stars. Take a tour of the 88 constellations and explore the science, history, culture and romanticism behind these celestial bodies.

In this must-have handbook for budding stargazers - and anyone looking for a little more wonder in their lives - Maggie will help you to identify stars and teach you the basics of naked-eye observation, offering fascinating facts plus advice on kit, 'dark sky' locations and much more. Also included are beautiful illustrations to accompany each constellation and an easy-to-read sky map. With Maggie by your side, the night sky will truly come alive.

ISBN: 9781785947896

Dimensions: 212mm x 134mm x 26mm

Weight: 280g

256 pages