Move, Mr Mountain!

Francesca Sanna author


Publisher:Templar Publishing

Published:10th Jun '21


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Move, Mr Mountain! cover

A beautiful story about unexpected friendships, consideration for others and the beauty the world has to offer.

A beautiful story about unexpected friendships, consideration for others and the beauty the world has to offer, from award-winning author and illustrator Francesca Sanna.

Mr Mountain has seen it all - from the arrival of the very first plants and worms, to dinosaurs, mammals, and, more recently... humans. Even when they climb all over him, Mr Mountain is very good at keeping calm and steady, and is determined to spend his long life resting his heavy arms and eyelids. Until one day, when he is disturbed from his slumber by a little voice asking him to 'Move, Mr Mountain!'.

It seems his neighbour Lily is desperate for him to move out of the way so she can see what's on the other side of him. But of course a mountain cannot move, and at this Mr Mountain finally loses his temper! The wind picks up, snow starts to fall and the ground begins to rumble and shake... but little Lily remains unfazed. Can they set aside their differences and find a way to get along?

This heart-warming story includes themes on unexpected friendships, consideration for others and an appreciation for all the beauty the world has to offer.

This wonderful book introduces us to two very contrasting characters: Mr Mountain, who exuberates calm, peace and serenity, and Lilly, the young girl, full of energy, courage and strong-will. When Lilly pushes Mr Mountain to his limits with her impatience and persistent demands, he tries to do everything he can to change her mind and stop her from bossing him about, after all, he is the 'great Mr Mountain!'. The story takes the readers on a journey of friendship; the highs, the lows and the uncertainties in between. The gentle details of the illustrations will have both children and adults intrigued to find out more about the characters, where they live and about their experiences. What this book does really well is it subtly explores unexpected friendships and the consideration and appreciation of our differences. * Early Years Educator *

ISBN: 9781787418059

Dimensions: 230mm x 290mm x 10mm

Weight: 400g

32 pages