A New Sublime

Ten Timeless Lessons on the Classics

Piero Boitani author Ann Goldstein translator


Publisher:Europa Editions (UK) Ltd

Published:13th Feb '20


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A New Sublime cover

“[It] will move you across the globe and back in time.” - Library Journal Europa Compass series – new format and covers For the readers of Mary Beard and Bethany Hughes (Re)discover the timeless beauty of ancient literature The classics “never exhaust what they have to say”. Informed by this belief, linguistic expert Piero Boitani invites the reader to explore the wisdom of the works of literature underpinning Western culture, and highlights their profound and sometimes surprising connection to the present. The themes explored in this book are as wide-ranging as they are enduringly relevant. They include the Iliad’s depiction of power and war, as well as its invocation of compassion as one of the necessary foundations of society; the Odyssey as the world’s first novel; Lucretius and the way he transformed Greek scientific thought into sublime poetry; Virgil’s celebration of the history of Rome, from small village to world capital, as well as Tacitus’ denunciation of the imperialistic nature of Roman power; and Ovid’s Metamorphoses—a poem about incessant change the first postmodern classic.

“A remarkable book. The stories collected by Boitani, written centuries ago, still speak to us.” -- Corrado Augias * La Repubblica *

ISBN: 9781787701816

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272 pages