Here, and Only Here

Christelle Dabos author Hildegarde Serle translator


Publisher:Europa Editions (UK) Ltd

Published:26th Oct '23


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Here, and Only Here cover

Welcome to the School of Here, an unsettling and peculiar place that is nonetheless familiar to us all. A place full of codes and unspoken rules that are passed down from year to year.

At Here, society is highly stratified: the pairs, friend groups, and outcasts are all ruled by a godlike prince. This year—as all other years—things are not at all as they seem. A self-effacing first-year student vanishes into thin air. A persecuted outsider delivers himself into permanent exile. A tyrannical upperclassman meets his match. A newly-minted prophetess tests her powers. And, behind the scenes, a cabal of students conducts a top-secret investigation into the unexplained phenomenon at the heart of it all.

With Here, and Only Here, Christelle Dabos – author of the international sensation The Mirror Visitor Quartet – gives readers an intriguing and penetrating novel that explores the difficulties of fitting in, and the private, individual choices that make up the sometimes abhorrent, always unpredictable collective.

"A gripping and disturbing read: sharp, intense and coolly observant of school day relationships and transgressions." * Daily Mail *
"A dense fever dream." * Kirkus Reviews *
"Christelle Dabos captivates readers of all ages." * Lire *
"Imagine all your middle-school nightmares made manifest. Add to that an eerie paranormal aspect that elevates the whole to the maximum level and you have this wildly creative and engaging tale of the middle school from hell." * Reading the West *
"Compelling." * The Guardian (on A Winter's Promise) *
"A glowing example of the rare thing that is the YA novel in translation." * The Irish Times (on A Winter's Promise) *
"An out-of-this-world, tugs-at-all-heart-strings, grips-you-at-every-page piece of writing." * Stylist (on A Winter's Promise) *

ISBN: 9781787704916

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240 pages