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I Like You

Sandol Stoddard Warburg author


Publisher:Profile Books Ltd

Published:4th Feb '21

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I Like You cover

A tiny book with a big heart - a favourite gift for weddings, best friends and Valentines When I think something is important You think it's important too We have good ideas When I say something funny You laugh I think I'm funny And you think I'm funny too This is the book that Thelma would give Louise, Bill would give Ted, Charlie Brown would give Snoopy, and you can give to whoever you love. Adorable, a little bit spiky, with lovely illustrations, this is a classic reading for weddings, a charming book for kids and the perfect present for the people who love you best.

An almost unbearably lovely vintage illustrated ode to friendship ... one of the tenderest and most touching presents I've ever gotten, from one of my dearest friends ... love - that sweetest, most knotless and untroubled kind - is what radiates from these simple, surprisingly profound verse-like meditations on friendship, illustrated with the kindred sensibility of Chwast's simple yet richly expressive black-and-white line drawings. -- Maria Popova * Brain Pickings *

ISBN: 9781788167420

Dimensions: 138mm x 118mm x 12mm

Weight: 128g

48 pages