The Veterinary Workbook of Small Animal Clinical Cases

Ryane E Englar author


Publisher:5M Books Ltd

Published:31st May '21


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The Veterinary Workbook of Small Animal Clinical Cases cover

This workbook is intended to be a bridge between classroom learning and clinical training; to improve patient care and clinician confidence in practice. Common presentations in small animal practice are presented as real-world case studies while the reader is guided through work-up, critical thinking and problem solving to run the consultation efficiently.
Key concepts of anatomy, physiology, radiology, clinical pathology, medicine and surgery are covered and readers are guided through history-taking and diagnostics to perform an effective consultation. Cases discussed include vaccinating the new kitten, castrating the new puppy, the puppy with diarrhoea, the blind cat, the head-shaking dog, the itchy dog. Categories of complaints covered include body weight, urinary problems, the digestive system, respiratory issues, eye problems, skin and soft tissue complaints, cardiovascular, reproductive, aural and neurological complaints.
The aim is to present a problem-first approach and to encourage readers to think like clinicians rather than students by instilling a case-based problem solving approach.

ISBN: 9781789181296

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700 pages