Sparks 1969 to 1979 On Track

Every Album, Every Song

Chris Sutton author


Publisher:Sonicbond Publishing

Published:29th Mar '24


This title is due to be published on 29th March, and will be despatched as soon as possible.

Sparks 1969 to 1979 On Track cover

This long-overdue book charts the career of Sparks from 1969 - 1979. Every album and every song is examined, including some which are still officially unreleased. Beginning with their early recordings as Halfnelson/ Sparks and when they were a band of five. After that band split, Ron and Russell Mael retained the name and spent much of the seventies working with a succession of sidemen and collaborators, although this was not always evident to some! They ended the seventies on a high note with the collaboration with Gorgio Moroder for No. 1 In Heaven. Many who worked on their records have shared their thoughts in the book. The list includes: Dean Detrick, Simon Draper, Harley Feinstein, Martin Gordon, Ian Hampton, Rupert Holmes, James Lowe, Sal Maida, James Mankey, John Mendelsohn, Adrian Munsey, Ralph Oswald, Peter Oxendale, Mike Piggott, Terry Rae, Thom Rotella, Suzi Ronson, Paul Rudolph, Richard Digby Smith, Karl Stoecker, David Swanson, Trevor White, Muff Winwood and Luke Zamperini. This book adds new information for fans and lively opinions on the records. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to know more about how Sparks developed in the decade which saw them create a lot of their best work.

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160 pages