The Fourth Sister

Laura Scott author


Publisher:Carcanet Press Ltd

Published:23rd Feb '23


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The Fourth Sister cover

The highly anticipated second collection from the winner of the Seamus Heaney First Collection Prize 2020.Laura Scott's second collection, The Fourth Sister, is a book of unusual love poems. It features an assorted cast: lovers and sisters, but also parents and children, the living and the dead, birds and trees, painters, playwrights and their characters, a godfather who married the wrong man and a godmother who was surely a spy. The book's energy flows out into other lives, discovering vital connections and the gaps between them. Scott writes as a poet in Wordsworth's sense: 'an upholder and preserver, carrying everywhere relationship and love.'

'Written with devastating precision, The Fourth Sister is filled with poems that move and grip in equal measure. It proves that Scott is one of the most exciting voices writing today in England.' - Leo Boix;'I so love Laura Scott's poems: elegant, taut, and both thrillingly curious and full of curiosity, they conjure their magic from that perfect space "between telling and withholding". In this beautiful, mysterious collection, she leads us into the dark woods of longing and grief, holding us rapt in the spell of the moment, until - like the fourth sister - she deftly "slips the story's collar".' - Liz Berry;'Like the birds which appear in motif throughout this collection, Laura Scott's poems can turn on a wing, startling us with their displays of unexpected beauty. Her graceful – and frequently grace-filled – poems call our attention to life's off-stage moments, illuminating shadowed corners of what might so easily be lost from view.' - Kathryn Simmonds

ISBN: 9781800173057

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72 pages