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ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS KEW author Katie Scott illustrator


Publisher:Templar Publishing

Published:6th Jul '23


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Arboretum cover

This next instalment in the bestselling Welcome to the Museum collection in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, is about the incredible life of trees.

Trees are some of nature's most majestic and beguiling life forms. Arboretum is a beautifully illustrated celebration of trees from around the world, and sheds light on the vital role they play in every part of human life. From trees associated with ancient mythology, to the rarest and most unusual specimens, wander the arboretum and meet mighty oaks and towering redwoods. Learn just how ancient trees like the ginko and monkey puzzler are, and trace the complexities of the wood wide web.

This latest addition to the Welcome to the Museum series will appeal to any budding botanist or tree lover.

A spectacular book. -- Nicolette Jones

ISBN: 9781800782198

Dimensions: 375mm x 275mm x 15mm

Weight: 1290g

112 pages