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Who Will Kiss the Crocodile?

Suzy Senior author Claire Powell illustrator


Publisher:Little Tiger Press Group

Published:13th Oct '22


Available to order, but very limited on stock - if we have issues obtaining a copy, we will let you know.

Who Will Kiss the Crocodile? cover

From the amazing author and illustrator team behind the incredible Octopants series comes this hilarious, rhyming retelling of Sleeping Beauty – with added bite! Expect a toothsome crocodile, groovy grans and an EPIC 80s party . . .


A little baby princess and a fancy royal ball . . .

ONE fairy not invited, and she wasn’t pleased AT ALL!

She cast a spell – and now the sleeping princess looks like THIS . . .

Will ANYONE be brave enough to wake her with a kiss?


Who needs a prince? This fabulously twisted tale will delight children with its funny hijinks and important message of female empowerment. Who Will Kiss the Crocodile? will make fans of The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom, Waking Beauty and Three Little Wolvesand the Big Bad Pig laugh out loud!


Also available from this author and illustrator: Octopants, Octopants: The Missing Pirate Pants

ISBN: 9781801042895

Dimensions: 286mm x 250mm x 9mm

Weight: unknown

32 pages