Little Board Books Months of the Year

Anna Milbourne author Alys Paterson illustrator

Format:Board book

Publisher:Usborne Publishing Ltd

Published:5th Jan '23


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Little Board Books Months of the Year cover

Learn all the months of the year with Bunny and friends in this rhyming little book.

Inspired by Sarah Coleridge's familiar poem 'January brings the snow', this little book describes each month of the year in a toddler-friendly way. Gorgeous animal characters show things to remember for each month, from glowing cheeks and noses in snowy January, to skipping lambs of May, ice cream in July, Halloween fun in October and Christmas celebrations in December! What better way to learn the months of the year than with this sweet, memorable rhyming book?

ISBN: 9781803703305

Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 14mm

Weight: 200g

28 pages