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poyums Signed & Dedicated Edition

Len Pennie author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:22nd Feb '24

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poyums cover

And I have done more than just simply get by
So much more than escape or survive
Through the galvanisation of love, time and patience
I'll take hold of my story and thrive.
After life that was seldom what life ought to be
Through laughter and love I'll be whole
This story is mine from the cover to spine
And the narrative I will control

Whether she's writing letters to her younger self, advocating for women's rights or adapting fairy tales to process an abusive relationship, Len's voice is bold, unashamedly frank and unmistakably hers.

The poems in this collection, both funny and fiercely feminist, announce a formidable new talent. Moving deftly between English and Scots, poyums is as approachable as it is affecting.

The keeper and reinventor of the Scottish language in the 21st century -- IAN MCMILLAN
I think Lennie is brilliant. She has such talent and passion and joy -- MICHAEL SHEEN
I adore Lennie's poetry -- NIGELLA LAWSON
Beautiful poetry and her language is just spectacular -- JANEY GODLEY

ISBN: 9781805301387-SD

Dimensions: 204mm x 138mm x 8mm

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160 pages