Farah Loves Mangos

Sarthak Sinha author Sarthak Sinha illustrator


Publisher:Flying Eye Books

Published:6th Apr '23


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Farah Loves Mangos cover

An uplifting story about a young girl who learns to love the unexpected and appreciate her favourite mango tree.

Farah loves mangos! She could eat them all day long and she wouldn't mind living in one either. Every summer when she visits her Grandpa they always pick the ripe fruit from his mango tree. This year, however, the tree is empty! Farah puts her mind to it and decides she will make the tree grow fruit. But perhaps Farah will learn there is more to a mango tree than just the fruit it bears?

A dose of bottled sunshine. Farah's infectious smile alone, beaming from the lively cover, ought to ensure it bounces off the shelves. -- The Observer
This exceptional picture book (...) makes the outdoors inviting, and has an important message about not turning nature into a commodity or valuing it simply for your own gain. -- The Times, the best books for children 2023
A sweet intergenerational story about changing your perspective. -- The Irish Independent

ISBN: 9781838741365

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32 pages