Stay Woke, Kids!

Kazvare author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:16th Sep '21


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Stay Woke, Kids! cover

Are immigrants taking our jobs, or are they all slobs?
What does 'I'm colourblind' mean and why does it make no sense?
And just how can you spot a Karen from a mile away?

This illustrated collection of verse tackles these issues and more. This is a delightfully caustic and refreshing book that will have readers thinking deeply and laughing out loud.

Praise for Kazvare Knox: We've long been fans of London-based creative illustration lab Kazvare Made It for its sassy sketches and searing satire * * Grazia * *

ISBN: 9781838853556

Dimensions: 164mm x 219mm x 11mm

Weight: 285g

48 pages