Revenge of the Librarians

Tom Gauld author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:1st Sep '22


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Revenge of the Librarians cover

Confront the spectre of failure, the wraith of social media, and other supernatural enemies of the author

Tom Gauld returns with his wittiest and most trenchant collection of literary cartoons to date. Perfectly composed drawings are punctuated with the artist's signature brand of humour, hitting high and low. After all, Gauld is just as comfortable taking jabs at Jane Eyre and Game of Thrones.

Some particularly favoured targets include the pretentious procrastinating novelist, the commercial mercenary of the dispassionate editor, the wilful obscurantism of the vainglorious poet. Quake in the presence of the stack of bedside books as it grows taller! Gnash your teeth at the ever-moving deadline that the writer never meets! Quail before the critic's incisive dissection of the manuscript! And most importantly, seethe with envy at the paragon of creative productivity!

Revenge of the Librarians contains even more murders, drubbings and castigations than The Department of Mind-Blowing Theories, Baking For Kafka or any other collections of mordant scribblings by the inimitably excellent Gauld.

Praise for Tom Gauld: Tom Gauld is always funny, but he's funny in a way that makes you feel smarter -- NEIL GAIMAN
Gauld is my favourite hyper-minimalist brainiac cartoonist -- WILLIAM GIBSON
[Gauld's strips] have become known for their wry, playful erudition * * New Yorker * *
Gauld's deceptively simple panels and sparse, understated dialogue speak poetically . . . Gauld finds humour and hope - as well as coffee and doughnuts - in his portrait of a fading utopia * * Guardian * *
Each single-page piece is a clever, funny, slightly bonkers riff on a literary theme . . . Sublime * * The Times * *
Tom Gauld might just be the Edward Gorey of our time, channelling his wry humour and macabre aesthetic through exquisite black-and-white illustrations -- MARIA POPOVA
His work is solace, comfort, guilty pleasure, joy, thrill, pleasure palace . . . Falls into the national treasure category * * Bookmunch * *
One of the best cartoonists around! * * BoingBoing * *
His economical art . . . is married to dry, incisive humor, making each strip a carefully composed marvel * * Publishers Weekly * *
Tom Gauld's deceptively simple comics hold a mirror to human hypocrisies * * Huffington Post * *

ISBN: 9781838858216

Dimensions: 140mm x 245mm x 20mm

Weight: 515g

180 pages