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To the Dogs Signed First Edition

Louise Welsh author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:18th Jan '24


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To the Dogs cover

Jim Brennan is flying high. Against all odds, he is a big man at the university, tipped for the head job and an office at the top of the ivory tower. He has a beautiful, accomplished wife and two healthy children. Jim drives an Audi, and his dog is a pedigree bichon frisé. Not bad for the son of a hardman who grew up in a room and kitchen.

But for every person who's watched his progress and wanted to hitch a lift, there's someone else desperate to drag him back down. When his son Elliot is arrested on drugs charges, Jim is approached by men he thought he had left safely in his past. Their demands threaten his family, students and reputation.

As the pressure mounts, Jim discovers he is more like his father than he thought. The question is, how far will Professor Jim Brennan go to save the life he built?

To the Dogs is easily the best of Welsh's recent crime novels. I simply could not put it down -- ALEX GRAY
Welsh sparkles once more, taking us on a deep dive into Glasgow's criminal hinterland, as one man's moral compass spins out of control. A cracking read -- KAREN CAMPBELL
Compelling and assured. [Welsh's] portrayal of Jim Brennan, of a good man in conflict, is as authentic as it is chilling -- CARO RAMSAY
Praise for Louise Welsh: Welsh tells the stories that nobody else dares -- VAL McDERMID
Richly layered, gloriously carnal, bursting with patter and irresistibly seductive' -- CHRIS BROOKMYRE
Highly entertaining * * Daily Telegraph * *
Superbly drawn and exquisitely written * * Daily Mail * *

ISBN: 9781838859817-SF

Dimensions: 220mm x 144mm x 10mm

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336 pages