The Paris Review Interviews: Vol. 3

Philip Gourevitch author Margaret Atwood editor


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:6th Nov '08


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The Paris Review Interviews: Vol. 3 cover

The third volume of the acclaimed Paris Review Interviews, described by Gary Shteyngart as a 'colossal literary event'

Since The Paris Review was founded in 1953, it has given us invaluable conversations with the greatest writers of our age, vivid self-portraits that are themselves works of finely-crafted literature. The magazine has spoken with most of the world's leading novelists, poets and playwrights, and the interviews themselves have come to be recognised as classic words of literature in their own right. The series as a whole is indispensable for all writers and readers.

This new volume in the series builds on the success and acclaim of the first two editions.

The interviews:

Ralph Ellison (1955)
Georges Simenon (1955)
Isak Dineson (1956)
Evelyn Waugh (1963)
William Carlos Williams (1964)
Harold Pinter (1966)
John Cheever (1976)
Joyce Carol Oates (1978)
Jean Rhys (1979)
Raymond Carver (1983)
Chinua Achebe (1994)
Ted Hughes (1995)
Jan Morris (1997)
Martin Amis (1998)
Salman Rushdie (2005)
Norman Mailer (2007)

Indispensable reading for anybody interested in how writers work and why writing continues to work. * * Daily Telegraph * *
If you want to get acquainted with your favourite writer, you could go to a reading or a book-signing. But to really know them, you should read a Paris Review interview. * * The Times * *
I have been fascinated by the Paris Review interviews for as long as I can remember. Taken together they form perhaps the finest available inquiry into the 'how' of literature, in many ways a more interesting question than 'why'. * * Salman Rushdie * *
For writing nerds, this is nirvana. -- Colin Waters * * Sunday Herald * *
Anyone with the slightest pretension a literary life needs to read this collection. * * The London Paper * *
this second collection [TheParis Review Interviews vol. 2] of the magazine's interviews with writers is rich in delight. -- Steven Poole * * Guardian * *
...much like its predecessor is a bull's-eye...this is a bible both for readers and writers, the insider gossip for those who are truly passionate about their prose [vol. 2]. -- Francesca Segal * * Observer * *
I have read all the copies of The Paris Review and like the interviews very much. They will make a good book when collected and that will be very good for the Review. * * Ernest Hemingway * *
The Paris Review is the finest literary magazine of the moment, a great contradiction of the prevailing gloom over the status of literature in contemporary life, and its arrival in these islands is an event that calls for loud hurrahs. * * John Banville * *
The distinguished reputation of The Paris Review's long-standing series of interviews with writers is upheld in this volume. * * Daily Telegraph * *

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