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A Renaissance of Our Own

A Memoir and Manifesto on Reimagining

Rachel E Cargle author


Publisher:Vintage Publishing

Published:25th May '23


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A Renaissance of Our Own cover

What would life be like if we had the courage to say, 'I want something different'?

'Elegant, thoughtful, vulnerable, and inspiring' Elizabeth Gilbert

From a highly lauded modern voice in feminism and racial justice comes a deeply personal and insightful testament to the power of reimagining - the act of creating in our mind's eye that which does not but can and should exist

We all experience breaking points, those moments when we realise that something must change. For activist, philanthropist, and CEO Rachel E. Cargle, reimagining - relationships, work, education, rest, faith and power - saw her through some of the most painful experiences and helped her to craft an authentic identity and become an incisive queer feminist voice of a generation. A Renaissance of Our Own offers a blueprint for how we can all use our imagination to live independent of oppressive structures and in alignment with our highest values - how we can all create a life that feels right.

'Dazzling - a loving, bold tale of imagination, bravery and radical action' Elle

Rachel Cargle is that rare sort of phoenix who rises from the ashes of her life not only reborn on the personal level, but also fully ready to change the world ... an elegant, thoughtful, vulnerable, and inspiring memoir * Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic *
Dazzling -a loving, bold tale of imagination,bravery, and radical action in the face of injustice * Elle *
Profoundly moving and powerful ... you will leave these pages changed for the better * Gabrielle Union, author of We're Going to Need More Wine *
Beautiful ... This book is not meant to be simply consumed but explored * Joy Harden Bradford, founder of Therapy for Black Girls and author of Sisterhood Heals *
Cargle recounts how she spun silk out of the thread bare yarns of patriarchy and white supremacy while reminding readers that such alchemy is possible ... if we give ourselves permission to re-imagine our existences * Sonya Renee Taylor, author of The Body is Not an Apology *
A collection of lessons and questions that prompt the reader's own life redesign * Time Magazine *

ISBN: 9781847926739

Dimensions: 232mm x 152mm x 34mm

Weight: 480g

256 pages