RSPB Garden Birdwatcher's Puzzle Book

Over 150 questions, brainteasers and curious conundrums about the birds in your garden

Dr Gareth Moore author Dominic Couzens author RSPB author


Publisher:Octopus Publishing Group

Published:26th Oct '23


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RSPB Garden Birdwatcher's Puzzle Book cover

Put your birdwatching expertise to the test and learn more about the birds in your garden with this new puzzle book from the RSPB!

Do you know what the smallest bird in your garden is? And whose birdsong sounds like 'tea-cher, tea-cher, tea-cher'? Or what a gathering of nesting birds is called?

Packed with questions, word games and bamboozling brainteasers, this fun-filled quiz book from the RSPB will test your knowledge and reveal incredible new facts about your garden visitors. Covering a variety of topics, from the garden environment, to nesting, biology and migration, and including a colour section to test identification, this book celebrates all the beautiful birds we can see from the comfort of our doorstep. Suitable for all levels, from the casual garden bird-spotter to the more serious birder, this book will make the perfect gift for anyone interested in British birds, and put them on the path to becoming an ornithological expert.

*A Goldcrest, a Great Tit and a colony!

ISBN: 9781856755085

Dimensions: 232mm x 152mm x 26mm

Weight: 400g

272 pages