Boot It!

World Book Day 2023

A M Dassu author


Publisher:Old Barn Books

Published:16th Feb '23

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Boot It! cover

Sami and Ali dream of playing for the school football team. They practise in the park every day and work hard on their skills. But acing the trials is the last of the boys' worries when they're made to feel they don't belong on the team because of the colour of their skin. Ali just wants to tackle the ball on the pitch. Now he's being forced to tackle the racism in his team too. But how can he, when he's told it's 'just banter'? From the award-winning author of 'Boy, Everywhere', a powerful story of friendship and booting out racism

The perfect World Book Day book The World Book Day books are designed to introduce readers to great authors and their amazing books, and A M Dassu is the ideal author to write one. In one short volume, she lets new readers meet some of the characters from her other books and tells an excellent story with a vital theme, that of racism, especially racism in sport. Through the eyes of Sami and Ali, the main characters, we get to witness first-hand that what some might dismiss as 'banter' hurts and is wholly unacceptable. Racism must be booted out of sport at every level, from grassroots to top flight. As with her other books, A M Dassu teaches acceptance and representation by allowing us to see the damage intolerance and racism do from the point of view of thoroughly likeable and very real characters. She is a wonderful storyteller, with important things to say and hopefully this little book will encourage readers to seek out and love her full-length novels, Boy Everywhere, Fight Back and the now eagerly anticipated Kicked Out! (coming in October). Highly recommended. -- Bob Stone
Boot it! may be a short book but it certainly packs a punch. Exploring the shocking racism within our society, it's another must-read. -- Jacqui Sydney
The perfect book to kick start a reading journey for a child who might not have enjoyed reading in the past. -- Rumena Aktar

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