Hug Me

Simona Ciraolo author


Publisher:Flying Eye Books

Published:1st Jul '18


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Hug Me cover

Ever feel like you need a hug, a really big hug from someone? That’s how Felipe the young cactus feels, but his family just isn’t the touchy-feely kind. Cacti can be quite prickly sometimes you know… and so can Felipe. But he’ll be darned if this one pointy issue will hold him back, so one day Felipe sets off on his own to find a friend and, just maybe, that long awaited hug.

This is one of the loveliest and heart-warming stories around, with gorgeous illustrations to boot. A wonderful picture book that deserves a spot on your bookshelves. * Book Trust *
Ciraolo's softly drawn cartoon cacti radiate charm- Felipe has a tiny pink flower on his head and a range of emotive expressions. * Publishers Weekly *
A sweet celebration of connection and inner softness in a culture that encourages hard individualism and prickly exteriors. * Brain Pickings *

ISBN: 9781911171720

Dimensions: unknown

Weight: unknown

32 pages