All at Sea

Another Side of Paradise

Julian Sayarer author


Publisher:Quercus Publishing

Published:2nd Nov '17

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All at Sea cover

Julian will be appearing at Edinburgh festival this year and Julian will be doing events and radio appearances around the UK for the launch of All at Sea. Review coverage expected following Julian's 2016 win of the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year Award

The fourth travel book by Julian Sayarer, winner of the 2016 Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year.

"Sayarer is a precise and passionate writer . . . The vast energy of his commitment to discover, observe and communicate makes for engrossing, often incandescent prose. We need writers who will go all the way for a story, and tell it with fire. Sayarer is a marvellous example" HORATIO CLARE

On the small island of Surin, near the naval border of Thailand and Myanmar, an indigenous people known as Moken 'sea gypsies' struggle to maintain the same timeless existence as their ancestors. As real estate developers, oil exploration and industrial tourism reshape the waters they call home, Sayarer receives a mysterious offer from an idealistic Luxembourger determined to tell a tale of the Moken on film, and in search of a writer to detail the efforts of his motley crew. Events unfold in a reality strangely different to that version captured by the lens. In the quest for indigenous wisdom, cameras and tripods clutter bamboo huts, while fishing trips and dives are staged beneath the waves.

With the quest for paradise seeming ever more artificial, award-winning author, Julian Sayarer instead begins listening to the stories of Laurie, an old sailor, with a life on the water behind him, and in whose ship the crew sail out into the Andaman Sea.

`On The Road for the Occupy generation' Open Democracy; `A brilliantly thoughtful writer' Sara Wheeler

ISBN: 9781911350231

Dimensions: 198mm x 130mm x 16mm

Weight: 220g

254 pages