Atlantic City

Brian Rose illustrator Paul Goldberger editor


Publisher:Circa Press

Published:18th Feb '19

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Atlantic City cover

Atlantic City was born in the mid-nineteenth century and grew so big, so fast, that it captured the American imagination. It was 'the World's Playground'. Its hotels were the largest and finest, its nightclubs legendary, its boardwalk an endless promenade. And then, as it began to fade, the casinos came. And instead of reviving the city they killed it. Chief among the villains in this piece is Donald J Trump, who built his casinos on dunes of debt and bled them into bankruptcy. On the presidential campaign trail Trump boasted of his 'success' in Atlantic City, how he had outwitted Wall Street and leveraged his own name for riches. He would do for America what he had done for Atlantic City, he said. And so it came to be. Brian Rose has documented what remains of the city in the aftermath of the casino explosion. The images are haunting. Atlantic City may never recover.

Rose's photographs reveal the bizarre juxtapositions that now characterize the city.--Wired A transcendent visual. . . . The Atlantic City in Rose's book is strange, maybe even beautiful at times, if also beat up.--Route 40; 'In addition to Rose's keen eye for composition and color, what makes Atlantic City such an effective body of work is the inclusion of quotes from newspaper and magazine articles related to the rise and fall of Atlantic City, as well as individuals directly affected by the decimation of the community.' - Melanie Chapman, PhotoBook Journal

ISBN: 9781911422198

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