Motion Sickness

Lynne Tillman author


Publisher:Peninsula Press Ltd

Published:7th Sep '23


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Motion Sickness cover

From the acclaimed cult writer of Weird Fucks For the narrator of Motion Sickness life is an unguided tour, populated with hotels and strangers, art, books, and films. Adrift in Europe, her life becomes a carousel of unusual encounters, where coincidences and luck shape la vita nuova. In London our narrator is befriended by an expatriate American Buddhist and her mysterious husband. In Paris she meets Arlette, an art historian obsessed with Velazquez’s painting ‘Las Meninas’. In Barcelona she meets two generations of Germans. She tours the hill towns of Italy in a London taxi with two surprising Englishmen in pursuit of art and Henry Moore. She buys postcards to send, but often tears them up, not sure of what the pictures mean. At once dreamlike and tough, hilarious and melancholic, Motion Sickness is a contemporary picaresque in which a young woman drifts and reinvents herself with every new encounter.

‘A true force in American literature.’ – George Saunders; ‘A new thought in every sentence.’ – Lydia Davis

ISBN: 9781913512330

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208 pages