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Tidal Waters

Velia Vidal author Annie McDermott translator


Publisher:Charco Press

Published:14th May '24

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Tidal Waters cover

An epistolary, fictional account of one woman moving towards happiness in the black community of Colombia’s Pacific coast.

After a long absence, Vel has come home to Chocó – to the Afro-Colombian community, to her family, to the sea. This is where the Pacific meets the Caribbean, where she’s establishing herself anew. And the record she keeps is a series of letters to a friend, clarifying for herself where she stands, as she describes that homecoming to another. Vel works to build a literary centre, writing career, and festival with and for the people there. But her return to Chocó is also a claim-staking of her decision to pursue happiness now; an account of her immersion in the towns and rivers and forests she came from; and a redefinition of her relationship to sex and love in real time. And Tidal Waters is a vision of how creating something (for your community, for yourself) is a way of reading and writing your way into a known place and a new self.

"Tidal Waters is personal and intimate […] and at the same time an examination of a forgotten region of Colombia and of what it means to be a black woman there. A beautiful and moving book we should all read."" —Pilar Quintana , author of ABYSS

"In Tidal Waters Velia Vidal recounts her personal adventure, drawing us in with her sinewy, chromatic writing. She tells the story of her native region from the perspective – usually forgotten – of its Afro-descendant inhabitants."" —Irene Vallejo , author of PAPYRUS

"It is rare to find such a wholly sincere way of expressing oneself, free from intellectual stumbling blocks and apparently effortless."" —Tomás González , author of DIFFICULT LIGHT

"Without a doubt, Velia is a woman who found a pathway in literature, a voice to counter the racism she sees as systematic" —El nuevo siglo

"Returning to the essential, returning to the roots; this is the theme that runs through the whole novel" —Pulzo

"An engaging book, drawing you in with every page as it takes you on a literal and magical journey through Choco and the protagonist’s life." —Morning Star

"Velia’s poetics is constructed from the greys that lie between dualities: land-sea, leave-return, give-receive (…) Her writing is fresh, honest and direct." —El Tiempo

Praise for Velia Vidal

ISBN: 9781913867768

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135 pages