Objects from April and May

Zena Agha author


Publisher:Hajar Press

Published:14th Apr '22

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Objects from April and May cover

On treasure, mourning, and why our belongings can matter so deeply...

Objects from April and May is a rumination on the sanctity and significance of cherished possessions. Informed by the loss of precious gold in an armed robbery, these poems trace each taken item across years and borders, from a supermarket in Brooklyn to a checkpoint in Occupied Palestine to an American compound in Iraq. Yet they return, irrevocably, to a violent interaction on a quiet street in Oakland, California, gathering its shattered fragments.

Formally inventive and politically astute, Zena Agha's poems bristle with a controlled melancholy. As she unspools one traumatic encounter and its reverberations, she shows how much material loss can teach us about love, attachment and sorrow.

ISBN: 9781914221125

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 70mm

Weight: unknown

92 pages