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Your journey to emotional wellbeing

Katie Colombus author The Samaritan Enterprises Limited author


Publisher:Octopus Publishing Group

Published:5th May '22


Available to order, but very limited on stock - if we have issues obtaining a copy, we will let you know.

Pathways cover

Everyone has moments when the noise and activity of daily life mean it's hard to see the wood for the trees. Sometimes we get by, but sometimes we get out of balance and when negative feelings go unchecked, emotions can escalate.

Created in collaboration with psychologists and Samaritans volunteers, Pathways: Your journey to emotional wellbeing provides practical and creative ways to promote positivity and help you find your own route through your problems.

With pages for self-reflection as well as goal and routine setting, this book offers ways to achieve a sense of calm from anxiety, relief from low mood and decompression from stress, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and explore the difficult feelings we all experience from time to time.

ISBN: 9781914239175

Dimensions: 208mm x 146mm x 16mm

Weight: 400g

208 pages