Brutal Wales

Simon Phipps author


Publisher:September Publishing

Published:4th Apr '24


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A PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPLORATION OF POST-WAR MODERNIST ARCHITECTURE IN WALES. Introduction by John Grindrod. Simon Phipps surveys the scale, ambition and diversity of post-war building in Wales. From the new town of Cwmbran, the immense Trostre Steelworks, the iconic George Street Bridge of Newport to smaller municipal projects such as Theatr Ardudwy in Harlech and libraries and schools across the land, this is an inspiring look at an era of architectural ambition and change. Where preserved, or sometimes simply forgotten, these buildings belong within the rugged landscapes and industrial townscapes as bold testaments of Welsh creativity and post-war renewal. 'Phipps' photography provides a much-needed extensive document of the abundance and richness of an often unfeted and unseen architecture, integral to the hope and social vision that characterised the golden age of Britain's post-war modernism.' Mark Durden, Professor of Photography, University of South Wales

‘Brutal Wales is a treat – both for lovers of brutalist architecture and concrete buildings, but also for history and photography enthusiasts, as it offers an indulgent journey through a series of established and lesser-known Welsh gems of the particular genre.’ Wallpaper*

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224 pages