Why My Wife Had to Die

Brian Verity author

Format: Paperback

Publisher: EnvelopeBooks

Published: 3rd Mar '22



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Brian Verity was a fragile character with a horror of Huntington's disease. He married the nurse who had cared for him in hospital after the breakdown of his marriage, then noticed she was developing the same worrying signs as other members of her family. What to do?THE TERRIFYING FACT IS THIS: Huntington's disease leads to physical and mental deterioration. There is no cure. It is handed down genetically, with a 1 in 2 chance of inheritance that cannot be determined until the disease shows itself, often not until the sufferer is in their 40s. Many do not know they have the gene or are at risk of passing it on. Those who do know, because a parent has suffered from it, may wait a lifetime before finding out whether they are safe or not. The prospects are horrific. After his first marriage failed, Brian Verity had a breakdown and married the woman who had nursed him back to health. Within a few years, she started showing the signs of Huntington's that he had noticed in other members of her family and that he already had a morbid fear of. Having fallen in love with her in hospital, he now found himself repelled by her, fearful of his own psychological fragility and inability to cope, and yet committed to protecting her from the distress that lay in wait. What should he have done? What should society do?

ISBN: 9781915023032

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204 pages