The Unruly Bridal Bed and Other Grotesques

Mynona author


Publisher:Wakefield Press

Published:22nd Aug '17

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The Unruly Bridal Bed and Other Grotesques cover

A collection of short stories offering a perfect introduction to the work of the great German humorist Mynona Originally published in 1921, The Unruly Bridal Bed brings together ten indefinable tales that include “Tobias and the Prune,” “Plant Paternity,” “The Dissolute Nose,” “Fried Sphinx Meat” and “The Great Gold-Plated Flea.” Under his literary pseudonym Mynona (a palindrome for the German “Anonym,” or “Anonymous”), Salomo Friedlaender here displays his unique brand of philosophical slapstick that blends fairytale technology with proto-metafiction and at times unsettling meditations on fornicating plants, aristocratic eugenics, spiritual and physical hermaphroditism, and our excremental sun. With its companion volume of grotesques, My Papa and the Maid of Orléans, this collection offers a perfect introduction to the great German humorist’s work.

ISBN: 9781939663269

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96 pages