Kaiju No. 8, Vol. 8

Naoya Matsumoto author


Publisher:Viz Media, Subs. of Shogakukan Inc

Published:9th Nov '23


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Kaiju No. 8, Vol. 8 cover

Kafka wants to clean up kaiju, but not literally! Will a sudden metamorphosis stand in the way of his dream?

With the highest kaiju-emergence rates in the world, Japan is no stranger to attack by deadly monsters. Enter the Japan Defense Force, a military organisation tasked with the neutralisation of kaiju. Kafka Hibino, a kaiju-corpse cleanup man, has always dreamed of joining the force. But when he gets another shot at achieving his childhood dream, he undergoes an unexpected transformation. How can he fight kaiju now that he’s become one himself?!

Reno’s chance to show off the fruits of his Numbers Weapon training arrives when he’s ordered to take part in a live kaiju-combat field test. Meanwhile, Iharu, feeling left behind after witnessing Reno’s explosive progress, shifts his focus to improving his own skills—that is, until an abnormality strikes Reno during their neutralisation mission and forces Iharu into action!

ISBN: 9781974740628

Dimensions: 191mm x 127mm x 15mm

Weight: 150g

184 pages