The Materials Generator

Designing Innovative Materials for Advanced Language Production

Sarah Mercer editor Nancy Campbell editor Margit Reitbauer editor Renate Vaupetitsch editor


Publisher:Peter Lang AG

Published:7th Aug '09

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The Materials Generator cover

This book aims at enabling teachers to generate innovative materials tailor-made for specific groups of learners. The suggestions for materials design in this book will help teachers to meet the needs of advanced learners, to move from correct sentences to communicatively effective texts, to de-fossilize ingrained erroneous language, to apply theoretical understandings of communicative processes to language use and to become aware of their own language needs and the learning options open to them. This is a book that is not only firmly grounded in ‘state-of-the-art’ linguistic theory – in particular, the findings of cognitive linguistics – but it is, above all, the result of decades of collaborative English language teaching experience at tertiary level. All the design ideas have been put into practice in the classroom and have successfully passed the test of use.

ISBN: 9783631582886

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