Jakub Julian Ziólkowski

Jestescie moi | You Are Mine

Olga Tokarczuk author Cecilia Alemani author Bartlomiej Dobroczynski author Kajetan Mlynarski author Delfina Jalowik editor


Publisher:Hatje Cantz

Published:11th May '23


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Jakub Julian Ziólkowski cover

Spiritual-Surreal Imagery

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski's vibrant works are bizarre and alluring. In his wild, surreal cosmos of mutant humans, organic forms and circulatory systems, the Polish painter mixes cultural symbols, the decorative and the fantastical. Juxtaposing the spiritual and the microscopic, he creates a universe bristling with detail and a kaleidoscope of references - from Hiernoymos Bosch visions of heaven and hell and James Ensor's grotesque allegories to Philip Guston. Yet, his paintings show a highly personal world that is populated by a recurring cast of characters. This publication is the first comprehensive overview of his work from 2005 to the present, giving insights into his artistic practice in different media: from painting to sculpture, ceramics as well as drawing. The book includes essays by Olga Tokarczuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and Cecilia Alemani, curator of the 59. Venice Biennale, an in-depth interview with the artist, as well as texts by philosopher Kajetan Mlynarski and psychologist Bartlomiej Dobroczynski.

ISBN: 9783775754583

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