Living in Tuscany. 40th Ed.

Taschen author Barbara & René Stoeltie author Angelika Taschen editor


Publisher:Taschen GmbH

Published:26th Jan '23


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Living in Tuscany. 40th Ed. cover

Under the burning Tuscan sun roll marvelous hills, vineyards, and olive groves—all postcard-perfect landscapes nestling centuries-old towns, rural villas, and contadino farmhouses. We’ve tracked down the best examples of such havens to paint a warm-hued picture of the look and feel of Tuscan living.

Follow in Michelangelo’s footsteps to the Eremo Santa Maria Maddalena, a medieval hermitage nestled in the steep Arezzo hillside. Or take a dip in the California-style pool of Roberto Budini Gattai, the architect who turned a modest winegrower’s house into a dazzling homage to David Hockney.

This collection gathers the region’s most remarkable homes and interiors, complete with insightful captions and enthralling double spreads. Across contemporary architecture and traditional craftsmanship, minimal earthenware and decadent furniture, we discover all the natural tones and sun-kissed textures of Tuscany.

“True architectural treasures, decorated with rural and romantic flair.” * Casa & Campo *
“A thoroughly absorbing piece of escapism.” * The Italian Magazine *
"This is a beautiful book for anybody who loves this part of Italy or is looking for decorating ideas with an old-world feel." * Australian Country *

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