The Life of Birds

David Attenborough author


Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers

Published:9th Nov '23


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The Life of Birds cover

A fully updated new edition of David Attenborough’s bestselling classic.

BIRDS. Over 9,000 species, the most widespread of all animals: on icebergs, in the Sahara or under the sea, at home in our gardens or flying for over a year at a time. Earthbound, we can only look and listen, enjoying their lightness, freedom and richness of plumage and song.

David Attenborough has been watching and learning all his life. His classic book, now fully updated with the latest discoveries in ornithology, is a brilliant introduction to bird behaviours around the world: what they do and why they do it. He looks at each step in birds' lives and the problems they have to solve: learning to fly; finding food; communicating; mating and caring for nests, eggs and young; migrating; facing dangers and surviving harsh conditions.

Sir David has no equal in helping others to learn and making it exciting. His curiosity and enjoyment are infectious. He shows the lifelong pleasure that birds around us offer, and how much we miss if unaware of them.

‘This superb book vividly conveys the beauty of birds and the extraordinary richness of their behaviour.’ Dr. Neil Chalmers, Director, The Natural History Museum, London

ISBN: 9780008638955

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