A History of Masculinity

From Patriarchy to Gender Justice

Ivan Jablonka author Nathan Bracher translator


Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd

Published:2nd Mar '23


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A History of Masculinity cover

'Exhilarating . . . a work of scholarship, but also inspiration. . . Go and read Jablonka and change the world' Christina Patterson, Sunday Times

'An unexpected bestseller in France. . . it has sparked conversations' Challenges

A highly acclaimed, bestselling work from one of France's preeminent historians

What does it mean to be a good man? To be a good father, or a good partner? A good brother, or a good friend?

In this insightful analysis, social historian Ivan Jablonka offers a re-examination of the patriarchy and its impact on men. Ranging widely across cultures, from Mesopotamia to Confucianism to Christianity to the revolutions of the eighteenth century, Jablonka uncovers the origins of our patriarchal societies. He then offers an updated model of masculinity based on a theory of gender justice which aims for a redistribution of gender, just as social justice demands the redistribution of wealth.

Arguing that it is high time for men to be as involved in gender justice as women, Jablonka shows that in order to build a more equal and respectful society, we must gain a deeper understanding of the structure of patriarchy - and reframe the conversation so that men define themselves by the rights of women. Widely acclaimed in France, this is an important work from a major thinker.

A work of serious ambition Times, Best Books of 2022

Exhilarating . . . a work of scholarship, but also inspiration. The detail is fascinating, the prose lively, the analysis convincing and the message surprisingly hopeful. . . Go and read Jablonka and change the world The Sunday Times

A surprise bestseller in France. . . his work has now found a much wider audience in a lucid English translation—New Statesman

Jablonka marshals an impressive body of historical, anthropological, biological and sociological evidence in his compelling history of masculinity. A man who passionately supports the feminist cause, Jablonka's argument for gender justice is both radical and promising TLS

Illuminating. . . a history and a call to arms, almost a manifesto, for how to create a society of "just men"The Sunday Times

A vivid, opinionated take on centuries of gender relations . . . a thought provoking, occasionally troubling big history - which also offers up some possible futuresBBC History Magazine

Jablonka's history of how one half of the world's population has consistently oppressed the other has control and poiseSpectator

The present and future of masculinity have been hotly debated for some years now, which perhaps explains why this history of the topic became a bestseller in France before finding a publisher in the UK. Social historian Ivan Jablonka travels from Mesopotamia to Confucianism to the revolutions of the 18th century to offer a fresh slant on gender and to define what it means to be a good man, father and friend todayMr Porter

In this ambitious book, Jablonka explores the history of patriarchy, explains its longevity and shows what men should do nextLes Inrocks

Jablonka's work is remarkable. . . erudite and lucid, personal and rigorous Le Monde

Fascinating and necessaryPsychologies

Enlightening. . . crucial for democracy and our daily lives Marie Claire

An unexpected bestseller in France. . . it has sparked conversationsChallenges

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